The aim of the game – is to make a combination of 5 cards better than dealer has. There is a deck including 52 cards without jokers. Range of cards: Bull – Cowboy – Queen – Jack – 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2. In case of “Straight” the Bull can be counted both as high or minor card.

Game terms

To start the game gamblers make a bet on the “ANTE” field. Dealer hands round 2 cards (face down) to each gambler and himself and then three open cards at the center of the table (flop) – so called “boardcards”. After that the gambler observing his own cards and “boardcards” must decide if it is worth continuing the game or not.

If You decide not to continue the game put cards on the table not opening them and say “FOLD”. Dealer takes the cards, “ANTE” bet loses. If you continue the game, you need to make a bet in the “BET” field equal to two “ANTE”. Then dealer adds two more cards to the three “boardcards” and open his own cards.

The aim of each gambler is to find the best combination of five cards using two of his own and five “boardcards”. As gamblers, the dealer defines his combination using two of his own and five “boardcards”. All the gamblers’ combinations are compared with dealer’s combination. Minimal game – is “pair of fours”. If the dealer and the gambler have the same combination of five cards, the box does not win or lose. Two cards left from seven-card enrolment are not taken into account at any cases.

Payment table

Royal Flush100:1
Straight Flush20:1
Four of a kind10:1
Full House3:1
Three of a kind1:1
Two pairs1:1
Pair of fours1:1

In case when dealer has no game, “ANTE” bets are paid in the ratio 1:1 granting “Straight” combination on the box and lower, or in case of its absence; according to the payment table – in case if there is “Flash” or higher combination on the box. “BET” bets are not paid.

One gambler can play on two boxes “exposure” if there are available boxes. “Ante” bets of one gambler on the open boxes must be equal. At first you need to make a decision concerning the first box, then return to the second box. “Exposure” bets must be on the neighboring boxes. The number of “dark” bets is limited by table boxes availability. The amount of “dark” bets can differ from “exposure” bets.  

Game on bonus

Before the game start you can make side bet on bonus besides standard “ANTE” bet. Bonus plays apart the dealer’s game (even though the dealer has “no game” or the game is higher). Bonus is paid in the ratio 7:1 if the gambler’s combination of the first five cards – is “bullets” and higher. The nominal value of bets on bonus according to Texas Poker is 50 rub. and increases under the condition of being divisible by 50. The bet on bonus can’t be higher then “ANTE” bet, and should not exceed 30 000rub.

Table maximum payout does not include bonus payouts.

If there are no available boxes on the table or the gambler does not want to play on individual box, he can make a bet on any “dark” box of another gambler or on the open box in case of box “owner” permission (if the gambler plays on two open boxes, the “passenger” must play on two open boxes automatically). The amount of bets on one box can’t be more than three. Each bet should not be lower than table minimum bet. All the decisions are made by the box owner. The rest gamblers on this box must follow these decisions. The first gambler who made the bet on the box is the “owner” of this box. Bets of the “owner” and”passengers” on the open boxes must be equal.

Poker disputable situations

  • If the gambler sloughed as “dark” but declares that he had a combination, no claim admitted and slough cards are not returned back to the box. Stickman takes the bets and the cards.
  • If the stickman broke the cards hand sequence (gave somebody extra card, gave lower amount of cards, gave cards on empty box, do not gave cards on gambling box, etc.), cards hand stops and stickman reinstate the right sequence of cards exit. After that the hand and the game continuous as usual. It is forbidden for the gamblers to touch the cards in such situation. If this claim is not followed, the game stops, stickman takes the cards from all boxes, the gamblers’ bets are not moved, cards separation is carried out, then the new game starts.
  • If it is impossible to  reinstate the right sequence of cards exit, stickman take the cards away from all the boxes, the gamblers bets are not moved and the new game starts.
  • If the stickman opened the first or the second card at the bank, cards re-handing starts.
  • If the stickman opened his card earlier, than players make a decision, in the box, where the decision was accepted. In this box to change the decision is forbidden. Another players should close there box or to make a “Fold”.
  • If the stickman incorrectly declared his or players combination, the stickman correct his mistake.
  • If the stickman incorrectly pays the box, the stickman correct his mistake (in case of short payment).

– Cards change can be produced by Gaming Manager between the games independent from players request.

– Cards should remain in sight of the dealer.

– Players can’t exchange information about cards.

– The redeal of cards can’t basis for payment “ANTE”.

– Credit bet and  real money are not accepted