The aim of this game is to make a combination of 5 cards better that a dealer’s one. One can use a deck of 52 cards without jokers. Range of cards: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. In straight combination Ace can be both a high and minor card.

Game rules

To take part in the game you should make a bet on ANTE field. After that a dealer gives cards face down to every player and 5 cards to himself. The last card is put face up.

After you looked at your cards you should put them face down on the field and then make a bet equal to 2 ANTE bets. If you decide not to continue the game put your cards on the table and say “Fold”. The dealer takes your cards away and ANTE bet loses.

If you don’t like your bet you can try to change it:

  1. Get 2 additional cards for free without looking at them. You must give an answer “BET”.
  2. Buy 2 additional cards for ANTE bet. After that a player can have a look at his cards and make a decision: choose 2 combinations (“Small Hand” of 2 cards and “Big Hand” of 5 cards) or refuse to play a game (ANTE bet loses).

After all players made purchases and made final decisions the dealer opens his cards and announce his game, if it is present. Then the dealer puts open 2 cards and open the “Small Hand” combination.

Then the dealer opens the players’ cards comparing them with his own combination.

  • If “Big Hand” combination is higher than the main dealer’s combination, then they compare Small Hand“ combinations.
  • If the players “Small Hand” combination is higher, then the payment is done in compliance with a coefficient of BET payment table (ANTE bet is not paid). In opposite case the payment is done with ANTE coefficient.
  • If the player’s “Big Hand” combination is lower than the dealer’s main bet, then the dealer takes ANTE and BET, checks presence of all cards without opening “Small Hand” combination, put cards away. After that the dealer stars to work with other player in the same way.
  • If the dealer “doesn’t have a game” then he puts all the cards in order, pulls out the higher card and without giving himself “Small Hands” cards pay all players who want only ANTE bet in the ratio 1:1, checks presence of all cards and puts them away.

Buying the game  

If you want to buy a game you need to put buckjumps on a sum which is equal to ANTE before ANTE bet. The dealer changes his high card on the next in a pack. If the dealer has a combination he puts out 2 cards of “Small Hand” and the game goes on according the rules.

If the dealer doesn’t have a combination the game finishes without ANTE payment. Minimum game – ducks.

Payment coefficients

Pair 1:1

Two Pairs 1:1

Three of a kind 3:1

Straight 4:1

Flush 5:1

Full House 7:1

In this kind of poker there is no “bonus” game. In “Stand off” and “Big Hand” situations bets don’t win or lose. “Stand off” on “Small Hand” is in favour of a player. A game buying can be done only once.

Disputable Situations

  • If one plays close but confirms that there was a combination, claims are not accepted and discard is not giving back. Croupier takes all bets and cards.
  • If croupier opened not the 5th card but another, this card stays open, others are giving close.
  • If croupier announced a player’s or his own combination in a wrong way, he should fix a mistake.
  • If croupier paid in a wrong way, he should also fix the mistake. A pack change can be done during an interspace between games regardless of players wish.
  • It is forbidden to exchange information during the game and take away cards off the table. The cards should always be on the table in the view of the dealer and inspector.