The aim of the game – is to make a combination of 5 cards better than dealer has.

There is a deck including 52 cards without jokers. Range of cards: Bull – Cowboy – Queen – Jack – 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2. In case of “Straight” the Bull can be counted both as high or minor card. To start the game gamblers make a bet on the “ANTE” field. Dealer hands round 2 cards (face down) to each gambler and himself and then three open cards at the center of the table (flop) – so called “boardcards”. After that the gambler observing his own cards and “boardcards” must decide if it is worth continuing the game or not.

If You decide not to continue the game put cards on the table not opening them and say “FOLD”. Dealer takes the cards, “ANTE” bet loses. If You think that combination can become better, You can simultaneously exchange from one to six cards.

One card  – one “ANTE”

Two cards – two “ANTE”

Three cards – two “ANTE”

Four cards – two “ANTE”

Five cards – one “ANTE”

Six cards – one “ANTE”

After cards exchanging You can observe your cards and make a decision – to continue the game or not (to make “FOLD”).