The aim of the game – is to make a combination of 5 cards better than dealer has. There is a deck including 52 cards without jokers. Range of cards: Bull – Cowboy – Queen – Jack – 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2. In case of “Straight” the Bull can be counted both as high or minor card. The maximum number the boxes in the game – 4.

Game terms

Granting of free boxes, the one player should play “exposure” in a two box, or in all four boxes, two of them play in a “dark”.  All bets of one player should be equal. At first you should make a decision on the first course of boxing distribution, then on the second. To start the game gamblers make a bet in the “ANTE” field. To continue the game put your cards on the table face down in the “BET” field and the bet from above, equal on two “ANTE”.

If You decide not to continue the game put cards on the table not opening them and say “FOLD”. Dealer takes the cards, “ANTE” bet loses. If You think that combination can be improved, for one “ANTE” You should change any quantity of cards or buy the sixth card. Other left cards You should put on the table face down in the “BET” field. After exchange of any numbers of cards, particularly five, You should look your cards. Exchanges are produced only when all players have made the decision.

If dealer has one of the combinations mentioned below, he compares in turn his combination with combination on each gambling box. Combinations lower than dealer’s lose. If Your combination higher than dealer has, “BET” is paid according to the payment table. Thereby “ANTE” bet is not paid. If cards combinations are identical (only suits differ), it is considered to be “STAY”. Thereby “ANTE” and ”BET” are not paid and not taken away.

“Russian poker” is unique because of the fact, which says that when You have two poker combinations, they can be both paid according to the payoff ratio. There are two highest combinations in the game.

Two terms should be followed for this:

  • One of the two combinations at least should be higher than dealer has;
  • The second combination should include at least one of the significant cards which is not significant in first combination. Significant cards – are those, which directly form the combination. 

Not more than two poker combinations of one gambler can be paid at the same time. Total payment on the box cannot be higher than maximum gambling table payout. If You have “Three of a kind” and higher combinations, You can ensure it against dealer’s “no game” before he opens his cards. For this You need to make a side bet in a range of minimum table bet to presumptive payout of your combination. If the presumptive payout higher than maximum payout of this table, the amount of bet on insurance ca not be higher than this maximum payout.

Aggregate payment on combination and insurance cannot be higher than maximum table payout. If dealer has “no game”, the bet on insurance wins anв is paid in the ratio 1:1. If dealer has combination differ from “no game”, the bet on insurance loses. Except the situation when dealer’s combination is higher or equal with box combination. In such case the bet on insurance is not taken away and not paid.

Royal Flush100:1
Straight Flush50:1
Four of a kind20:1
Full House7:1
Three of a kind3:1
Two pairs2:1
Ace & King1:1

Minimal game – is “Ace & King”.

If dealer has “no game” You can buy the game for him, i.e. to change dealer’s high card for the next card from the deck for one “ANTE”. Moreover if the next card from the deck has the same range with changeable card (dealer has “no game” again) dealer makes additional exchange of the high card without charge (only once). If the next card has the same range with changeable card, but together with other four cards on “bank” makes significant combination (Ex “Flush”), it is not exchanged twice.

If after buying the game for dealer there is any combination on “bank”, he opens the gamblers cards turn-based and compares combination of each box with his own (according to “Russian Poker” rules).

If dealer has “no game” after buying the game, “ANTE” and “BET” are not paid and not taken away. Gamblers who do not want to buy the game get the “ANTE” in the ratio 1:1 after pronouncing “no game”. The bet on insurance does not shut out the opportunity of buying the game for dealer.

Game on bonus

Before the game start you can make side bet on bonus besides standard “ANTE” bet. Bonus plays apart the dealer’s game (even though the dealer has “no game” or the game is higher). The bet wins if the gambler has one of the following poker combinations.

Royal Flush1000:1
Straight Flush500:1
Four of a kind300:1
Full House100:1
7+7+ any pair5:1

The bet on bonus loses:

  • If there is no such combination,
  • In case of buying the sixth card,
  • If the gambler exchange the card (cards).

The bet on bonus can be equal to 50 rub. or to be divisible by 50. The bet on bonus should not be higher than half “ANTE” bet. Bonus payout cannot be higher than maximum table payout.

Cards must be within of dealer eyeshot at any time; it is forbidden to take cards away from the table at  any cases. Gamblers cannot exchange with information about cards. Upturned dealer’s card is not the cause to make a redeal. The redeal happens when if just one of the gamblers got incorrect amount of cards. Redeal is not the reason for “ANTE” payout. Credit and cash bets are not accepted.