Persons who are forbidden to visit the casino:

  1. Persons who are less than 18 years old.
  2. Persons who are in the state of alcoholic, drug and toxic intoxication or other state which doesn’t imply adequate perception of surrounding reality.
  3. Persons in dirty, soiling, sport, special working, beach clothes and shoes, in military or other kind of uniform, and persons who’s appearance or behavior break generally accepted rules of morality, rectitude and ethics.
  4. Persons with animals, birds, reptiles and other kinds and objects of animal world.
  5. Persons who have visual symptoms of infectious disease.
  6. Persons with evident symptoms of psychological disorder in behavior, which differ from generally accepted human behavior.
  7. Persons who are in the casino’s black-list.
  8. The Casino Administration and its representatives can reject vising the casino by any persons without explaining the reason of rejection.

Objects which are forbidden to carry to the casino:

  1. All kinds of fire, pneumatic, gas and cold weapon regardless of relevant license to keep it, special means of protection of all types (with the exception of law enforcement officers who have government-issue weapon and who are in the casino because of needs of service).
  2. All kinds of drug, poison, highly explosive, radioactive, flammable, fire dangerous, strongly smelling substances.
  3. Models and maquettes of fire, pneumatic, gas and cold weapon.
  4. Large size objects (bulky luggage, suitcases, knapsack, sport properties etc.).
  5. Photo- and video-equipment, laptops, portable personal computers, electronic scanning and reading devices and other equipment which assignment is hardly defined by its external characteristics.
  6. Alcohol and alcohol free beverages, playing cards and dies.
  7. Strongly smelling substances (hair spray, deodorant, gas spray etc.).
  8. All kinds of beverages, food products.
  9. Objects which can do harm to the casino’s visitors and stuff.
  10. One should report to law enforcement authorities about persons, illegally carrying to the casino objects, mentioned in p. 1, 2.