What events are held in casinos?

Casinos invite guests to take part in the Super Games, friendly slot tournaments and other events.  You can find all the information in the proper sections on casino home page.

What documents are needed while visiting the casino?

It is necessary to have a passport, identifying your personality and confirming your age.

Is there a hotel on casino territory?

Yes, there are often business-class hotels on the casino territory. Often, the hotel complex involves different rooms (such as suite rooms, lux rooms), beach, swimming pools and various entertainment and health-improving programs.

Is there face-control and dress-code in the casino?

There is no dress-code as it is. But one is forbidden to come to the casino in dirty, oiling, sport, special working, beach clothes and shoes, in military or other kind of uniform.

Do casinos have poker tournaments? What are conditions, time and place of holding the games?

There might be specific poker tournaments. For more information, please ask the casino’s poker tournament manager for detailed information.

Is it allowed to visit the casino with animals?

Persons with animals, birds, reptiles and other kinds and objects of animal world are forbidden to come to the casino.