There are 8 decks including 52 cards without jokers.

The aim of the game – is to collect cards with score sum as near to 21 as possible and higher than dealer’s. If you have exceeded 21 (“bust”), the rate is gamble away.

Game terms

While calculating the score sum proceed from rank of hands. The bull – 1 or 11- by the gambler’s will, “pictures” and tenner- 10 points, other cards represented at a face value. For the participation it is necessary to make  ”cache “ bets with chips on a specially marked fields (“boxes”). Minimal number of boxes – is one. From 1 to 3 people can play on one box, taking into account that the gambler who was the first while making the bet, takes decision. The total score sum on the one box couldn’t spill over the table maximum, and the bet of each gambler couldn’t be less than minimum. At the beginning of the game the dealer distributes two cards on each playing box and one open card to himself. You make a decision proceeding from the score sum of the first two cards:

  • to not take a card (to stop);
  • to take one more card;     
  • to use additional opportunitiesю

Most significant combination from two cards – Black Jack (Bull and tenner or Bull and “picture” from the first distribution).

On the BJ box

If the dealers’ open card is not the Bull or tenner, he pays Black Jack in the ratio 3:2, cards are given away. If the dealer has a Bull, You have a choice – the dealer pays the rate 1:1 (“equal money”), or the game is going to be continued. If two or three people play on one gaming box and the owner takes “equal money”, the rest gamblers whose bets are not basic get the payouts automatically. Gamblers  whose rates are not basic can take “equal money” apart from the box owner. If the first dealers card is tenner or “picture”, he declares only BJ. If the dealer has a BJ you do not win or lose.

When all the gamblers made decision concerning their cards, the dealer takes cards for himself (at the “bank”). The dealer is obliged to take the card, if he has less than 17 and must stop, if he has the score sum 17 or higher.  Moreover dealer’s Bull is considered according to maximum possible rate keeping out the “bust”. If the score sum on the box exceeds the dealer’s score sum, the bet is paid 1:1. If the dealer’s score sum is equal with box sum – the bet stays on the “box” (“STAY”).  If the dealer’s score sum is higher than 21 (“bust”), he pays for all gambling boxes.

The opportunities raising gambler’s chances:

1. Double.

You can double the bet at any number of points, except BJ, before exit of the third card on the box. In this case you can get only one additional card. If two or three people play on one box, players whose rates are not original, can’t make Double, and only one card is dealt round on the box.    

2. Split.

If the first two cards have the same deserts, such “pair” can be divided. Therefore You need to make side bet equal to primary. Each card continuous to play all alone.“Splitting” cards, dealer deals round additional card to the first, and then returns to the second. Cards can be divided only three times. There is only one card for each divided Bull. If tenner or “picture” comes for the Bull, the combination is not accounted as Black Jack and adds up 21. Double after Split is permitted (except Bulls split). When two or three people play on the box, gamblers, whose bets are not basic, can refuse from Split. In such a case bets stays on the first card according to the hand lead.

3. Insurance.  

If the first dealer’s card is the Bull, You can ensure your bet before the exit of the third card against the dealer’s possible Black Jack combination (the gambler’s Black Jack is not under insurance). Therefore You need to make a bet (lower than half sum of all Your bets) on the insurance line. This bet wins and is going to be paid as 2:1 if dealer has Black Jack; the bet loses if dealer has not got Black Jack. In case when two or more people play at the table and someone refuses to ensure his bets, the other gambler (other gamblers) can put the insurance in the amount lower than half boxes bets.

4. Surrender.

If You suppose there are low chances for win, You can leave the game at any time before the third card had appeared on the box. In this case You lose half a bet. You can’t make Surrender if the fist dealer’s card – is Bull. In case when two or three people play on the box and box’s owner makes Surrender, the other gamblers get half a bet automatically. The gambler whose bet on the box is not basic, can make Surrender apart from the box’s owner before the third card had appeared on the box. 

5. Game on bonus.

Before the game start you can make side bet on bonus besides standard bet “on the box”. The bet on the box wins if there is one of the following combinations on the box:

The first card is “seven”5:1
Two “sevens”50:1
Three sevens of the diverse suit500:1
Three sevens of the same suit5 000:1

The bet on the box can be equal to 10, 20,30,40,50 rub. The bet on bonus loses if there is no any of mentioned combinations on the box. The bet on bonus is always taken with bonus paying.

Prise payouts  

Prise combinations of BJ in our casino are:

-77 of the same suit1:2
-777 of the diverse suit1:1
-777 of the same suit2:1

Dealer pays for these combinations after enrolment finishing on this box. Cards are not taken away and bets continue to play. The rules of prise combination payouts in case of splitting are not kept.