Roulette seems playfully easy but it has plenty of twists and turns.

Each table has seven differently-colored chip sets without nominal value. The gambler can choose the chips of one color, which will be used during the game only by him. The gambler also sets the chips value (nominal) for the game period. Gamblers get the chips in exchange for the cache-chips. Leaving the gambling table You must change the gambling chips for the cache-chips because colored chips are not accepted at other tables and at the cash-desk; and if You come back to the gambling table after permanent disappearance chips will be estimated according to minimum value.

At the game start the dealer invites the gamblers to parlay: “Please, make Your bets”, and after that starts the ball.

For about three rounds before the ball stops the dealer announces: “There are no bets any more”. After that it is forbidden for gamblers to make, change or take the bets. After the ball stops the dealer pronounces the win number, gives the odd money from the bets over max, announces the win verbal bets, takes away the failure chips from the gambling table and pays for win bets according to established procedure. It is forbidden to move the bet of win number, annul or make bets on this number till the end of the payouts.

Disputable bets (before the ball stops) are qualified by the gambler to the extent possible. After the ball stops all the disputable bets are forbidden to be touched, moved, etc. Management of the casino accepts the decision concerning these bets according to the actual bet position as of the time of the ball stopping.

The Bets

The amount of gamblers at the table is limited only by gambling table surrounding area. Each gambler can make bets on any combination separate from the other gamblers’ manipulations. American roulette rules allow gamblers to make bets all by themselves. You can make bets not lower than minimal and not higher than maximal according to the list on each table using both colored and cache-chips. In case of getting “Zero” all the bets located on “red” or “black”, “even” or “odd”, “1 – 18” or “19 – 36”, “columns” or “dozens” – lose.

Verbal bets

There is a great variety of “verbal” bets in American roulette to make the game accessible and multifarious. “Verbal” bets are accepted both with colored and cache-chips. “Verbal” bets are accepted till the ball starting and also during the ball overspin.  The amount of accepted “verbal” bets is defined with its complexity and gambling table availability.

Bets and payouts

AOne number betStraight up35:1
BTwo numbers betSplit17:1
CThree numbers betStreet11:1
DFour numbers betCorner8:1
ESix numbers betSix Line5:1
FDozen betColumns, Dozens2:1
Geven, odd, red, black, 1-18, 19-36 Even Chances1:1

Series belong to verbal bets. Series is the special sector on the drum of roulette wheel. Each series is represented on the roulette field in a certain way using certain amount of chips. During the spin series is on the special delineated field called track. To accept the series you need the amount of chips divisible by amount of chips in this series.

Big series (series 0/2/3). 9 chips with minimal nominal of 100 rub. 

0/2/3-2;     4/7-1;     12/15-1;     18/21-1;     19-22-1;     25-29-2;     32/35-1.

Small series (series 5/8).  6 chips with minimal nominal of 100 rub.

5/8-1;     10/11-1;     13/16-1;     23/24-1;     27/30-1;     33/36-1.

Orphelins.  5 chips with minimal nominal of 100 rub.

1-1;     6/9-1;     14/17-1;     17/20-1;     31/34-1.

Zero-spiel (0-spiel).  4 chips with minimal nominal of 100 rub.

0/3-1;     12/15-1;     26-1;     32/35-1.

The number and neighbors

This bet includes every number that You have chosen and 2 numbers the right and left of it on the roulette wheel. To make a bet on the number with neighbors You need 5 chips with minimal nominal of 100 rub, or any other amount of chips divisible by 5. You can also choose numbers with neighbors using cache-chips. Only these verbal bets are accepted in American roulette: “the number and neighbors”, Tier, Orfolayns, Vuazon, zero-spiel.

If the gambler makes the bet on track all by himself, the bet considered to be accepted only in case when dealer or inspector repeated it aloud. The dealer can refuse to accept the gambler’s verbal bet in case when he for one or another reason has no time to do this procedure or to comply with rules (lots of orders simultaneously, chips are spread out the field, etc.).

Gambling table minimum and maximum

The bet is lower than minimum if it is not noticed by dealer or inspector, approved for payment for the first time or taken as failure. Next bets lower than minimum are not going to be paid and taken at any cases. Bets higher than table maximum are certainly matched to the “maximum” and the payment is going to be made or the failure bet is going to be taken only after this procedure.

Not accepted:

  • Inchoate, non-specific, wrong bets;
  • Bets, voiced on unclear (not Russian) language;
  • Late bets. Late bets are those which were made after dealer’s words: “There are no bets any more”; bets that were thrown to the field but not set to the field before the ball stopping also regard as late.
  • Credit bets (non-defined bets – voiced aloud or conditionally defined by any subject);
  • Cash bets;
  • Bets made with colored chips from the other roulette table or with cache-chips of another casino.